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A.C.E.S Security Investigations have over 10 years trading experience in all types of investigations ranging from private matters through to commercial, legal & litigation, security and can even assist with spy technology equipment.

A.C.E.S Security private investigations is meticulously thought out right from your initial contact through to strategy implementation. Our highly trained investigators offer confidential advice whilst carrying out each operation with the maximum level of discretion and professionalism throughout.

Dealing with A.C.E.S Security private investigation operatives will give you the best chance of your required investigation being completed successfully the first

FREE consultation with A.C.E.S Security operative to discuss our private investigations please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Independent Global Investigations

UK Private Investigators is an independent global investigations company based in the UK.

Specialises in discreet, effective private investigations with a team of dedicated UK private detectives contactable 24 hours a day across the world.

Committed to your mission, UK Private Investigators makes it easy for you to get the information you need

Tracing Private Investigator
Private Investigators

Lawyers, local authorities, government and private individuals sometimes need to find missing people or assets. Tracing is specialist work that requires experience, skill and discretion.

At UK Private Investigators we specialise in tracing and asset location. If a person or asset seems untraceable or a previous agency has failed to find them, our highly organised detective network and contacts can help uncover the truth.

Businesses and private individuals

Businesses and private individuals need facts and evidence. Without the answers and intelligence, you can't take action. And when the situation requires close attention, you need specialist help

At UK Private Investigators we have experts who specialise in surveillance, counter-surveillance and undercover work for government departments, local authorities, medium sized businesses and large multinationals.


Accident Claims


Asset Discovery

Assisting Bailiffs as Creditor's Representative

Background Checks



Business Interruption Claims

Civil Proceedings (Claimant & Defendant)

Competitor Intelligence

Credit Card Collections

Credit Vetting

Crime Prevention


Criminal Defence

Criminal Appeal

Debt Recovery

Director/Staff Loyalty

Electronic Surveillance

Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures

Employers Liability Claims

Expert Witness



Fraud Prevention

Fraudulent Claims

Industrial Espionage




Missing Persons Enquiries

Nanny Backgrounds & Bona Fides

Obtaining Statements as to Means

Peace of Mind


Pre-home Purchase

Pre- and Post-employment

Private Medical Claims Investigation

Probate Enquiries

Process Serving

Professional Indemnity Claims

Public Liability Claims

Risk Management

Recovery of Abducted Minors

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